"_ _ _"

the 3rd oldest.

escaped from the facility on Feb. 19th


"Unkindness Raven"

The youngest and the only successful outcome of the project.

the happiest of her siblings.

has the ability to create everything from nothing.


The 5th oldest, but not the fourth in production.

about 19-17 years old

a toxic human being

considered a failure because of his severe personalitydisorders.


A gentle giant of 7 ft.

i very timid and meek child.

the 4th oldest, but not third in production..

like ‘A’, IJKL is not a success, but not a failure.

a shifter

he mainly functions as a guard to ‘A’


the 2nd oldest, but not the second of the experiment.  

largely considered a failure.

about 24 years old

she’s a ———

severe depression issues.


The second youngest, about 16 years old

her monstrous strength is restrained with special chains and weights.

has several anger issues.

a failure because all she can’t control herself.


The Eldest, first of the series.

Her limbs are bound (since her 7th year)

Not a success, but not a complete failure.  Has been inside a glass cage for a good 20 or so years

The award for most inconsistent style goes to…

things that lee drew

fallout is tall,raven is short in comparison. 

her eyes are really that green.

OCs, make with he square faced icon generator!


She’s pregnant

Marian and her emotion blobs

Shen Rui’s mind is scary for her

Aleksandr and Shen Rui
Alek is haunted by his past and current actions. Shen Rui’s mind is like an acid trip.

Older Cyrus